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From humble beginnings, In Harvest® Specialtifoods, Inc has steadily grown to be the country’s premier provider of rice and rice blends, exotic grains, and legumes to many of the industry’s top creative chefs and restaurants. Clean, high-quality, unique products, top-notch customer support and responsible sourcing are the foundation of our reputation.
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From Summit to Table: Mountain Red Blend
Indian Harvest’s latest innovation on the plate features Fair Trade-grown grains and lentils to yield a flavorful, colorful and sustainable blend. Read more...
Introducing Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous
The satisfying mouthfeel of Israeli couscous, with the flavor and goodness of whole wheat—that’s Indian Harvest’s new Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous. We roll whole-wheat flour into generous, caviar-like pearls, then dust with flour before lightly toasting. The result is wholesome, nutty flavor with pleasing texture. Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous offers the healthy benefits of whole wheat combined with the quick cook time couscous is known for. Ideal for seasonal grain and leafy salads, imported Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous contributes plate coverage and diner satisfaction as a delicious starchy side to your favorite signature proteins while adding delightful complexity to vegetarian dishes.  Click Indian Harvest Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous for more information.
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Indian Harvest's Boutique Line
A revolving selection of exclusive, limited quantity grains seldom found in US markets. From heirloom seeds cultivated exclusively by Indian Harvest to artisan grains sourced from family farms the world over, each product in our Boutique line is carefully selected for its capacity to inspire menu interest. Full tantalizing flavor coupled with unique visual and mouth feel qualities allows operators to increase diner satisfaction and repeat business. Click Indian Harvest Boutique to peruse the current offerings.
Chef Creations
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Item# 10288 Arborio (Imported) 24lb.

This product of Italy is the perfect risotto base. Its full body and creamy white color are the ultimate blank canvas for your specialty combination of vegetables, cheeses, meats, seafoods and herbs.

  • Prep time: 45-60 minutes
  • 2 lb sleeve yields: 24 ½-cup servings
  • 288 servings per 24-lb case

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Item# 10295 Farro

An ancient strain of cultivated wheat, best described as the heirloom version of spelt. A first-class grain measuring 6 to 8 mm long and slightly pearled to eliminate the need for soaking. Makes a great risotto.

  • Prep time: 25-30 minutes
  • 2-lb. sleeve yields: 24 ½-cup servings
  • 288 servings per 24-lb. case.

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